Shhh… Don’t Tell Them

I have the best kids ever! Please, I beg of you, do not tell them I said that. It will go straight to their little heads and I will lose what little of an edge I have left on them!

Yesterday was my 41st birthday and my daughters remembered. My 12-year-old went out and bought me a card, had her sister sign it and gave me $5 of her own hard-earned money. My oldest daughter managed to get me a gift card to McDonald’s and found her way over to my house to give it to me. My youngest daughter even got me a cupcake put a candle on it and sang me Happy Birthday. This was the first year that they both went out on their own and did something for my birthday. I am proud of the both of them.

I will admit a few weeks ago I went out and bought myself a birthday present. At the end of January the duo The Civil Wars will be here in concert. My youngest daughter and I are going. My youngest daughter did not really care about going but she has found out that Taylor Swift sang a song with them so she is all good now. I am so psyched about seeing them!


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  1. You know, kindness and consideration are learned behaviors. If you want to know where they learned this from, go look in the mirror. You are indeed a rich woman.

    Happy Birthday.

  2. It’s nice to see your kids go out of the way to make you happy on your birthday. You deserve it. Never heard of The Civil Wars but I hope you and Kathy enjoy it.

  3. Wow, you do have the best kids ever! You are so lucky!

    Sorry I’m late, but Happy Birthday! This is going to be your best year ever. I just know. 😉


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