My Head Is Already Spinning

It’s that time of year again already. Back to school! I just got my scheduled adjusted to the Lazy Days of Summer!

My youngest daughter goes back to school in just under 2 weeks now. I have scheduled her a dental appointment for next week for a checkup and this weekend I have an eye exam scheduled. She had a sports physical done last Spring so we are good on that front. Then we have back to school shopping to do. Clothes, shoes, supplies, and the all important hair cut.

My daughter has decided to join the school volleyball team this Fall. Practices start tomorrow for that! I will have to adjust my work schedule a bit to arrange for her transportation. All I can say is thank God I work for an awesome company who will work with my schedule. When school starts practices will be after school and games on the weekend.

We are also still involved with Scouts. So throw in meetings once a week for that and weekend outings when we can get them in. Plus my daughter is working on her Silver Award which will involve about 50 hours of community service.

Homework! I almost forgot about homework!! 

Did I mention that within all this back to school adjustment my oldest daughter will be having her baby? Baby Big Bird is almost ready to hatch! Her doctor said it could be anyday now!

My poor head is already spinning! Is it summertime yet?


Artsy, Fartsy


I am not an Artsy type person. Fartsy maybe, but not artsy. I like trying to do artsy things they just never turn out the way I want them to. This past weekend I took an hour and a half class for Scouts so that I could get some ideas to take back to my girls.

Above is the result of the class. I have to admit I had fun and I actually impressed myself. I think I impressed myself because I did not set any expectations on myself.

The painted pot is a candle. We took small ceramic flower pots with the drain bottom and made it the lid by attaching a wooden spool to it, painted it and stuck a candle in it. Easy & cute!

The blue and orange thing is a duct tape flower pen. Colored duct tape, wire and a pen. I didn’t care for these too much. Nothing wrong with it, just not my cup of tea.

The zig-zag thing is a Duct Tape Cell Phone Case. It consisted of felt cut to the size of your phone and colored duct tape. Again easy and fun. I am going to use mine as an eye-glass case when I go camping.

I also made a cloth book cover. I don’t have a picture of that because my oldest daughter snagged it from me.

I can’t wait to take these things to my meetings for my girls to do!!

Getting Things Back On Track

Since my separation/divorce I have been trying to do things they way I want them done. Not just the everyday little stuff like leaving my shoes in the living room if I want to, but the big stuff as well. I have taken care of getting better auto insurance rates, putting a life insurance policy in place for myself and getting dental insurance added.

One of the other things I have wanted to do over the years was donate blood regularly. Our church has a Blood Bank come in every 8 weeks to take donations. In the past it was always a battle because it took to long according to my Ex. Well today I donated blood for the third time this year.

There is a down side to the donating thing though. It seems like every time I Give the Gift of Life something comes back to bite me in the ass. The first time my car had to go into the shop. The second time my back acted up big time! Hopefully the third time is the charm and I will be good! 

I have also been mending some famliy ties that have been knotted up over the past 13 years. That should have been the first sign of bad things to come when he basically made everything about his family. But it wasn’t and now I have work to do. But let me tell you, luckily, family ties run deep and they are very forgiving!

Varoom, Varoom

Yesterday my check engine light came on in my car. My poor Lucille is 11 years old with 158,000 miles under her belt. I did a little bit of research on the internet last night looking up some of her symptoms: rough idling, trying to die but then recovering herself, bad gas mileage, etc. With what I read I thought it might be something simple that I could repair myself. I decided I would take it to the local auto store in the morning and have them read the code.

This morning before work I stopped into the local auto store and asked to have the code scanned. It was very early, 7:30 in the morning. There was only one other gentleman in the store besides myself and the female manager. The manager and I were discussing the code my engine gave and I was telling her that I thought it was the EGR valve again and she was explaining that no, it was the IACV and that there were several things that could cause that problem.

The gentleman who was in the store with me was standing behind me during my conversation with the store manager piped in and said, “Damn, that’s hot! Two chicks talking about cars and they know what they are talking about!”

That made my morning!

To Pee or Not To Pee…

My Girl Scout troop decided they wanted to do their award ceremony at the beach. So last weekend off we went to the beach with the girls and their families. We had tons of food, lots of cold drinks and plenty of laughter to go around.

We also had one thing we didn’t count on… Jellyfish! The first wave of jellies got 2 girls, one was a younger sister and the other was one of our Scouts. The younger sister got hit pretty bad. My 2 Co-leaders and myself sat them down in chairs and gave them ice-cold bottles of water to put on their legs. Then we went to the side and asked the all important question, “Who has the First Aid kit?” Being that this was more of a get together and not an official scout event, none of us grabbed a first aid kit! One of my co-leaders was quick on her toes and called the mother of one girl who was still on her way to the beach, “Stop and buy vinegar!”

In the meantime these two girls were suffering. My two Co-leaders went to their cars, got their cigarettes, outed to everyone that yes they smoke and proceeded to make a tobacco paste to put on the girls legs. That helped for about 5 minutes. My quick thinking co-leader told her daughter, who was the younger sibling victim, to pee on herself. Both girls screamed in disgust! But the young girl broke down and peed on herself. She was back in the water, pain-free with in about 10 minutes.

Now keep in mind, our Scout troop is middle school, 6th-8th grade. These girls are at THAT stage! With that in mind, the other Jellyfish victim, who was one of our Scouts, could not believe what the other girl did. We kept telling her to try it but she would not have anything to do with it. One of the mom’s came up and with a straight face said, “Can I pee on you? I promise you will feel so much better.” I was totally shocked the girl said “Yes,  just get it over with!” The mom proceeded to pee on her. The adults are cracking up at this point! The girl’s face was priceless! She sat there in silence with this look of utter disgust for what seemed like forever and then she screamed, “You peed on me!!!” The mom replied, again with a straight face, “We now have an unspoken bond!”

At this point I am almost to my knees laughing so hard. Then I realize and scream… “That’s MY chair!! You peed in my chair!”

We had many other jellyfish victims afterwards but luckily we had the vinegar. Thank goodness we had the vinegar!


When last I left this little blog I had just moved into my new home. Well here it is 5 months later and I love it. My divorce was final in May. I have finally put pictures up on the wall which kind of felt like putting the icing on the cake.

I have taken on a full-time position where I work. It has been an adjustment but I think I have learned how to balance the family/work thing fairly well.

My youngest daughter is doing great. She has adjusted to the divorce and new home very well. She has a lot of friends and loves that they are now able to come over to the house, spend the night and just be kids.

My oldest daughter is still living with her boyfriend. They are expecting a little girl. Yes, they are making me a grandmother. My youngest and I have nicknamed her Big Bird. Big Bird will be making her big debut here in about a month.

So in the past year I have gone from a married mother of two to a divorced women, single mother, a full-time employee and a soon to be grandmother. Wow, talk about a major transformation!