Artsy, Fartsy


I am not an Artsy type person. Fartsy maybe, but not artsy. I like trying to do artsy things they just never turn out the way I want them to. This past weekend I took an hour and a half class for Scouts so that I could get some ideas to take back to my girls.

Above is the result of the class. I have to admit I had fun and I actually impressed myself. I think I impressed myself because I did not set any expectations on myself.

The painted pot is a candle. We took small ceramic flower pots with the drain bottom and made it the lid by attaching a wooden spool to it, painted it and stuck a candle in it. Easy & cute!

The blue and orange thing is a duct tape flower pen. Colored duct tape, wire and a pen. I didn’t care for these too much. Nothing wrong with it, just not my cup of tea.

The zig-zag thing is a Duct Tape Cell Phone Case. It consisted of felt cut to the size of your phone and colored duct tape. Again easy and fun. I am going to use mine as an eye-glass case when I go camping.

I also made a cloth book cover. I don’t have a picture of that because my oldest daughter snagged it from me.

I can’t wait to take these things to my meetings for my girls to do!!

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  1. I LOVE the pen! These are all so creative and nice! I think your candle holder is awesome! “I am not an Artsy type person. Fartsy maybe, but not artsy.” BAHAHAHAHAH! You kill me JAM! I burst out laughing at work, thank you- I needed that! Have fun crafting with your girls, that’s what it’s all about- trying new things and having fun together!

  2. WELL!!! I know I’m NOT Fartsy!!! LMAO!!!! I’ve seen those pens. They can be made in a lot of different ways. I think they are so cool. Duct Tape is awesome. The candle is good too. I’ve also seen all types of different cell phone cases on Pinterest. I’d love one.

  3. Look at you being all Artsy Fartsy! I Love cut and paste projects there’s something really soothing about it even really simple projects. I like that duck tape comes in all kinds of colors and patterns. Sounds like you had lots of fun.


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