Teens, Ya Gotta Love ‘Em

This evening my oldest daughter and I had the pleasure of chaperoning my youngest daughter and 2 of her friends while they went to a local amusement place. This place has an arcade, bowling, laser tag and an indoor glow in the dark golf course. They hung around all night and only came to see me when they were hungry.

I was also the taxi cab driver for the night. I find it hilarious that 13 year old girls think that the people in the front of the car can’t hear their conversations. These girls cracked me up the entire car ride!

Girl #1 – “I can’t do 4 ways anymore. I’m only allowed to do 3 ways now.” (she was talking about phone calls.)
Girl #2 – “Did you see the size of his meatballs?” (she was talking about a boy’s meatball sandwich)

At this point my oldest daughter and I are trying not to crack up. I failed and busted out laughing! Then the girls all screamed, “Oh my God, Mrs. JAM!”
After that they started talking about school and one of the girls said to my youngest daughter “Remember that day in History class when you taught us that poem?”
Then in unison they all chanted:
In 1492
Columbus was a Jew
He sat on the grass
Which tickled his ass
In 1492

I was almost in tears laughing so hard! My youngest daughter said, “See what a great influence you are on us!” That’s the last time I teach her anything!

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  1. OMG!!! I have tears running down my face!!! OMG!!!!

    BUT….I wish we had a fun place like that to take the kids. That glow golf sounds really fun. We’ve glow bowled and that was fun too.

    Any word on Big Bird?

    • Big Bird is still waiting to hatch. If she doesn’t come before Wednesday the 22nd they will induce. I am hoping she comes before because my youngest daughter has a dentist appointment that day!

  2. annebellasays

     /  August 19, 2012

    OMG! That is so funny JAM! Imagine how lucky your daughters are that you actually take the time and enjoy their company! You are my hero mama! What you have with them is special – and the convo is priceless!

  3. I agree the glow in the dark golf does sound like fun. Funny that the girls thing just by sitting in the back seat the front seat doesn’t hear them. I think Humor is the saving grace of this life . I am so greatful for those moments in life that I’m laughing so hard I’m crying.


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