Who Does That…

I work for a small, family owned company. They are very easy going and very flexible. Our dress code has always been business casual. You know, jeans and a nice shirt.
We are a growing company and 6 months ago we hired a Front Office person. She is a young lady in her late twenties. She started out actually over dressing for our company and then she slowly started to relax. Well last week she relaxed just a bit too much for any of us. She walked in wearing a Superman t-shirt. But wait, there’s more! The t-shirt had a cape attached to it! I kid you not, she came to work in a freaking Super Hero outfit!
Maybe I’m just getting old, but who does that?


I started this blog back in March of 2008. It was a way for me to let my creative writing, my thoughts and whatever else I wanted out into the world. Little did I know this blog would give something to me. It gave me friendships. You may think, well bloggers are not real friends. They are just online friendships. That is where I will have to disagree with you whole heartedly.

On June 18, 2008 I posted “Oh Yes I Did!” and a woman by the name of Joy made a comment on the post. I think I wandered onto her blog first but on this day a friendship was started. A friendship which has grown for 5 years. I got to know her family and she mine.

Today is a sad day because after a long, hard fight with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia she has passed away. I will miss our back and forth football jabs and I will miss seeing her posts on Facebook. Most of all I will just miss her.

This ones for you Joy. I’ll wear this hat when my Boys play the Vikings this year. Don’t forget we left a hole in our stadium so God could watch his team. I’m sure he’ll let you peek in on yours as well.


Love ya forever my friend.

Diabetic Cool Feelings

Many, many moons ago I did a Cool Feelings post and i think it’s time for another. You know it’s a Cool Feeling when:

  • You can’t leave work because you blood sugar is too low for you to drive.
  • You are in a public restaurant restroom stall trying to inject some insulin when a teenaged girl pushes on your door and it opens. I overheard her tell her mom that she accidentally walked in on a lady shooting up. I burst out laughing!
  • You hear an older lady behind you at the pharmacy complaining about her $20 prescription and when she sees your total she says, “Holy shit! Sorry I was complaining!”

Here I Go Again

I have been free of a High School kid for two years now. It was very nice while it lasted. I was very thankful for the break. But here I go again!

There is something about kids once they hit that 1st year of High School. They tend to disappear into their rooms only to come out to use the kitchen, the restroom or when they need money. My youngest daughter doesn’t even bother to come downstairs to ask me questions anymore. Now she just texts me. Earlier this week she asked if she could hang out with some friends and when I asked who this is what I got:


Here I go for round 2 of the teenage years! Lord please help me!

Do You Know Where That Finger Has Been?

Tonight my youngest and I went out to dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse. They have the most amazing rolls. Warm, dripping with butter, with a hint of honey, I’ve died and gone to heaven rolls. Pre-diabetes I could eat 3 or 4 of these amazing things. Now I limit myself to one. Don’t be sad for me, I’m happy to be able to eat one without any problems.
Sorry, the warm dripping butter side tracked me. So tonight we went to Logan’s for dinner. Normally I order my food and then go do my diabetic thing in the restroom. Tonight they brought out the bread early so I went ahead and ate my one, warm, butter dripping, hint of honey, I’ve died and gone to heaven roll. Then I ordered and went off to do my thing. My reading was 379! Oh, Hell no!
Now mind you, before I left work an hour and a half before dinner I was at 112. There was no freaking way I was at 379! It dawned on me that the hand I tested was the hand I ate that warm, butter dripping, hint of honey, I’ve died and gone to heaven roll. Instead of taking the directed amount of insulin per my sliding scale, I decided to retest myself. On the other hand! Which I made sure to alcohol scrub extra well. The reading was 161.
So from now on before I test I will be asking myself a very important question. Do you know where that finger has been?

And Almost A Year Later

Wow! It’s been almost a year since I updated this blog. I think, and don’t by any means hold me to this, that I might want to possibly start blogging again.

Not a whole lot has gone on in the past year. My Granddaughter, Big Bird just turned a year old. We are blessed to have this little girl in our lives. I’m even more blessed to be the Grammy as I can send her home when I start to get annoyed with the crying, whining and dirty diapers. I know my mom was 40 when she had me, but I just could not do it at this age! The best part is my youngest daughter has decided that she does not want a kid. Now I’m sure that thought will change, but at 14 I’m happy she is on that page for now!

This past June I ended up in the Hospital for a month. To make a very long story short, I was stubborn. I ignored gall stone pain for weeks and it ended up blocking off my pancreas. Severe Acute Pancreatitis is not fun by any means. Gallbladder was removed and they had me on an IV drip for nourishment for 3 1/2 weeks to let my pancreas rest. The pancreas started digesting food again but the part that makes insulin did not recover. This has left me an insulin dependant diabetic. I have adapted an entire new healthy diet and I exercise 5 days a week. But on the bright side I lost 20 pounds in the hospital and I have since lost an additional 13lbs since July.

My oldest daughter, Big Bird’s mom, has been on a Roller Coaster ride for the past year. I believe she suffered from postpartum depression which was not treated. She basically went off the deep end and I don’t know why but her boyfriend stuck with her. At this point they are back in a relationship and I hope they make it work for Big Bird’s sake.

My youngest daughter has moved on from Catholic School and has joined the good old public school system. She has gone from a class of 12 into a class of over 600. So far in the 1 week that she has been there, she is doing great. Thanks to a few cute boys she has become active in our Church Youth Group.

I have been up to working and living life to the fullest! I am actually enjoying being single.  If I want to do something I do it and there is no one to answer to. Love it!

Here’s to hopefully more posts. But please don’t hold me to it!