Do You Know Where That Finger Has Been?

Tonight my youngest and I went out to dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse. They have the most amazing rolls. Warm, dripping with butter, with a hint of honey, I’ve died and gone to heaven rolls. Pre-diabetes I could eat 3 or 4 of these amazing things. Now I limit myself to one. Don’t be sad for me, I’m happy to be able to eat one without any problems.
Sorry, the warm dripping butter side tracked me. So tonight we went to Logan’s for dinner. Normally I order my food and then go do my diabetic thing in the restroom. Tonight they brought out the bread early so I went ahead and ate my one, warm, butter dripping, hint of honey, I’ve died and gone to heaven roll. Then I ordered and went off to do my thing. My reading was 379! Oh, Hell no!
Now mind you, before I left work an hour and a half before dinner I was at 112. There was no freaking way I was at 379! It dawned on me that the hand I tested was the hand I ate that warm, butter dripping, hint of honey, I’ve died and gone to heaven roll. Instead of taking the directed amount of insulin per my sliding scale, I decided to retest myself. On the other hand! Which I made sure to alcohol scrub extra well. The reading was 161.
So from now on before I test I will be asking myself a very important question. Do you know where that finger has been?

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  1. A very wise piece of advice! It’s always necessary to check BGL with clean hands. Thank goodness you double checked. ūüôā

  2. Oh my gosh! I had no idea that could happen. My husband never washes his hands or uses alcohol swabs when he checks his sugar. LOL. At a reading of 379 from just the finger brushing the roll, ya dang skippy that roll was good. I will have to see if we have a Logan’s roadhouse here. Rolls are my weakness.


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