Who Does That…

I work for a small, family owned company. They are very easy going and very flexible. Our dress code has always been business casual. You know, jeans and a nice shirt.
We are a growing company and 6 months ago we hired a Front Office person. She is a young lady in her late twenties. She started out actually over dressing for our company and then she slowly started to relax. Well last week she relaxed just a bit too much for any of us. She walked in wearing a Superman t-shirt. But wait, there’s more! The t-shirt had a cape attached to it! I kid you not, she came to work in a freaking Super Hero outfit!
Maybe I’m just getting old, but who does that?

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  1. LOL Was it casual day for her? LOL Maybe she is getting ready for Halloween. 🙂 Have fun.

  2. Funny, I haven’t visited your blog in a while. Funny this is the post I’m reading, because this happens more than people know. I work in a law firm and we have Casual Friday. There is a dress code for CF mind you, but some still choose to ignore it. I’ve seen people in flip flops, cargo pants, spaghetti strap short sun dresses, strapless sundresses, and I think my all time top two favorites was when one of the Partner’s assistant showed up in PJ bottoms and a T-shirt. My other favorite was this past Friday. I pick up a coworker on the way to work because she lost her license for a little while, and she got in my car wearing camo pants! Honey, you’re unless I’m dropping you off in the Everglades today to hunt alligator, there should be no reason why you are wearing that outfit.

    • I just don’t understand these people. Maybe I am just getting old. It’s the same with church. Whatever happened to wearing your Sunday Best? Nowadays that’s cutoffs, a tank top and flip flops. Except for my kid!

  3. No. That is TOO casual!


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