New Game Plan

After 6 months my doctor finally sent me to an Endocrinologist. I have been on a sliding scale for my insulin since June. This is all I have known. Until this week. I was very skeptical of my Endo changing everything, but I did it. Before I would have a 300 number and a 52 in the same day. The past 3 days I have been pretty steady where my numbers are concerned. I have had 2 lows but I can deal with those. I am no longer chasing my numbers and I feel good!
The other thing my Endo did was prescribe me a CGM, the Dexcom G4. I picked black since I’m supposed to be an adult. Black goes with everything. I am a data geek, so I can’t wait until I can see instant numbers from my new little toy. Today is my first day with the CGM attached. My biggest fear was the insertion process. I didn’t know how painful it would be. I was glad to find out was how painless it was!


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