It’s Official

I am officially a Type 1 diabetic. That little gleam of hope I had, swooshed away in just one little sentence. To be honest nothing will change with what I had already been doing. But, with the Type 2 diagnose there was hope that with diet and exercise I could kick it and go back to a non insulin-injecting life. Now I am looking at this being my norm.
The past few days have been emotionally strange for me with this news. I have gone from sad, pissed off to it is what it is all in just 3 days. I think my biggest problem is I am very competitive and with Type 2 I looked at it as a challenge to kick it. At first when I heard Type 1 it felt like I lost. I do not like to lose! But I have come to the conclusion that I was not just playing 1 game, I am playing an entire diabetic season. So although I may have lost a game, I have not yet been defeated. I will continue to lose the weight I need to lose and I will remain healthy!
At 42 years old I still have plenty of things to do in life and I am up for this new challenge in life.

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