5 Problems With Social Media 

I’m not going to lie, I love Social Media. I am going to have to dig deep here to find 5 problems with it, but here goes!

  1. Kids – for a 40 something woman nearing “The Change,” the amount of cute baby/kid pictures are brutal on the ovaries. My cure for this is to take my granddaughter for a weekend. Then I can post my own pictures and then take her home once I’ve had my fill.
  2. Pets – again, for a 40 something woman nearing “The Change,” the amount of cute puppy/kitten pictures are brutal on the ovaries. My cure was to take in 2 cats in the past year. I had to stop at 2, because when you hit 3 you become known as the Cat Lady and that can’t happen until I’m at least 50!
  3. Relationships – are you single, engaged, married, divorced or it’s complicated? And how often are you supposed to update this? Maybe I need to change me status to It’s Complicated since I’ve been divorced for almost 4 years and I haven’t been back in the dating game. Maybe that’s what that status is for.
  4.  Vacation Envy – before Social Media I never knew about all the wonderful vacations my friends took. One day, I swear, I am going to find that house surrounded by crystal clear water that you can only get to by boat! And yes, I’ll post pictures!
  5. Food Porn – I think I have gained 50 pounds since being on Social Media. I think we need to ban the easy bake cakes & muffins. Let’s bring sexy back to celery. You know have a naked piece of celery just edging itself into a bowl of low-fat Ranch dressing. 
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  1. Food porn – indeed! Try being on a strict diet and seeing all the “yummy” posts. I wanna strangle someone 😉


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