Three Pet Peeves

  1. Being Late – this is my biggest pet peeve! When I was growing up we were a split house. My mom and I were always on time and my dad and brother were always late. I have to be at least 15 minutes early to everything or it drives me crazy.
  2. Stacking Dirty Dishes – this makes me cringe. Do not being all the dishes from the table and stack them next to the sink. I will go grab a few at a time, clean them and then put them in the dishwasher. When you stack, I then have to clean two sides.
  3. Squeezing the toothpaste in the middle of the tube – this is why I have had my own tube of toothpaste since I could afford to pay for it on my own. 
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  1. annebellasays

     /  February 28, 2016

    I also am never late. I hate being late, I hate feeling rushed.


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