Bullet Your Entire Day

Ok, here goes. Try to keep up. This is my typical day:

  • Wake up at 4:30am
  • Grab coffee
  • Exercise for 30 on Wii Fit. Don’t judge. It’s better than nothing.
  • Check my blood sugar and take insulin. 
  • Eat breakfast. 2 servings of egg whites and 1 piece of buttered toast.
  • Watch local news while consuming 1/2 pot of coffee.
  • 6:30am take shower and get ready for work. 
  • 7am do household chores. Today was pay bills
  • 7:45am go to work with remaining pot of coffee.
  • 8am arrive at work and make 2nd pot of coffee.
  • 8am to noon: Pull out remaining brown hairs leaving nothing but gray hair.
  • Noon – Lunch today was grab a lunch down the street at the local Italian Pizza joint and take it back to my desk. Check blood sugars and take insulin
  • 1pm make third pot of coffee so I can stay awake and sane until 5pm
  • 5pm picture Fred Flintstone yelling YABBA DABBA DOO and punching out
  • 5:15pm walk into my house say hi to the kiddo and change into my workout clothes 
  • 5:30pm Monday is Subway night on the way to the YMCA. Check blood sugars and take insulin 
  • 6:30pm Yoga – for the body, the mind and the spirit. Oh and it’s cheaper than bail and a lawyer.
  • 7:30pm head home 
  • 8pm Shower and climb into pjs
  • 8:15pm to 10pm – Sit on couch and watch mind numbing tv and play in iPhone. Check blood sugars, eat a light snack and take insulin.
  • 10pm Nighty night
  • 4:30am repeat
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  1. OMG, what a busy day! Lots of coffee drank’n and checking your insulin – must be hard to have diabetes.


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