Life Goes On

  • It’s been a few seconds since I’ve actually posted anything here. So let’s get y’all updated.
  • Daughter #1 is now 27. She now has 3 kids. Granddaughter #1, aka Big Bird, is now 7 and in the second grade. She is sassy like her mom. Grandson #1, Lil’ Peanut, is now 4. He like to copy me, therefore he is cool. Grandson #3, Lil’ Nemo, is a week old. He is a Lucky Fin kid, he was born without his right hand. He is perfect.
  • Life has not been easy for Daughter #1. But then again life is not easy for anyone. She has had numerous health issues and now has a colostomy bag.
  • Daughter #2 is now 20. She moved out to college for a semester and returned home. She has been working, playing and going to a nearby Junior College. She is going to reattempt going back college away from home. I think she is ready to leave the nest.
  • And now me. Oh Lord, where do I start. I am now 48, closing in on 49 quickly. I am remarried. Yep, I found the love of my life and I asked her to marry me. It has not been all whipped cream and roses, but we will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary next March. We now have 2 adorable cats and 1 adorable little dog.
  • So there it is. The Cliff Note version of the past few years. Hopefully this redeems my abandoned blog site and it opens it up for me to start writing again.
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