Just Another Night With Chris The Mouse

Chris the Christmas Mouse

Chris the Christmas Mouse

Chris has been very busy the past two nights. One night he decided to get the box of Gingerbread men cookies and let them have a party at our Gingerbread house. That night he slept in the chandelier over the dining room table, no doubt to make sure the party didn’t get out of hand.

Last night my daughter decided to sleep with Chris. He decided to get up and get a bowl of popcorn and take it up to my daughter’s room. He also left two Hershey bars on the stair railing.

My daughter has proclaimed the only thing she wants for Christmas is for Chris to be able to stay. I have told her that Chris is very important up at the North Pole. If he is not there to clean the floors then the elves have to clean it which will slow down toy production for next year. She told me that Mrs. Claus could clean the floors. I told her that if Mrs. Claus cleans the floor then she won’t be able to make cookies for Santa and he will lose weight. Everyone knows you can’t have a skinny Santa!

I think she has come to grips with the fact that Chris is needed back home. I am sure once Santa comes she will be fine.

The Adventures of Chris The Mouse

Chris the Christmas Mouse

Chris the Christmas Mouse

I thought I would give an update on Chris the Mouse. Saturday my daughter just had to call her friend from school to tell her all about her mouse. She was just amazed that Santa let his mouse leave the North Pole! Her school friend ended up coming over that afternoon with her own Elf in tow.

I got to hear all about the Elf. My favorite story was when my daughter’s friend said that they were the only two with a real Elf and Mouse from Santa. According to her “the other kids who had them at school were not from Santa. Their parents bought them and even wrote the notes themselves!”

While my daughter’s friend was here her Elf and Chris the Mouse had some fun together. They went and stole some cookies from the cookie jar and left a mess under the Christmas tree. They also left a pack of gum for the girls to have.

That Saturday night was Chris’ first night with us. He decided to stay up all night on the couch and play the Gameboy. He also made himself a cup of my favorite hot chocolate and even had the nerve to use my special mug!

Last night Chris decided to play on the Foosball table. He also got markers, tape and scissors out to make gift tags for the candy bars he left for the kids.

Hopefully Chris will behave himself for the few remaining days he has left on his visit.

Chris The Christmas Mouse

Last night Santa dropped off Chris the Christmas mouse to watch over my youngest daughter. I asked my daughter if she was disappointed that Santa didn’t leave an Elf for her and she said: “No way! This is much more special because he never gets to leave the North Pole!”

Chris the Mouse was nice enough to make some Cinnamon rolls for breakfast for all of us. So far so good! 

Chris the Christmas Mouse

Chris the Christmas Mouse


Letter From Santa

Letter From Santa

Christmas Elves

My youngest daughter came home from school today and built a little bed out of a cardboard box, placed crackers, popcorn, and a bowl of water next to it and wrote a letter to Santa asking for an Elf to come visit her.

I for one have never heard of the Magic Elf and I am going to kill a few parents that started this at my daughter’s school! Apparently, this Elf comes between Thanksgiving and Christmas once his work at the North Pole is complete. During the night he runs around your house and the next day you are supposed to find him. For more info check out Magic Elf Christmas Traditions.

I decided since my daughter went to all the trouble of making a bed for this Elf that I would try to play along. I went on a trek this afternoon to try and find an Elf. Well guess what? When you try to find something that you really need you can’t find it! I instead found a cute little Christmas Mouse that hangs out in Santa’s Toy Workshop. He is Chris the Christmas Mouse and he better work!