The Angry Mob

Our subdivision has a setup like this for mail:

It is common for people to post pictures of their lost pets and for companies to tape up fliers for their business on the sides of our mail boxes. I never really pay much attention to them to be honest.

Monday I went down the street to check my mail like I normally do in the afternoon. This time I did notice two signs that were up on the mailboxes. The handwriting looked oddly familiar. I then looked around the street and noticed 2 flyers up on the street light as well. It seems our little suburban cul-de-sac has been overtaken by THE ANGRY MOB!

Ah yes, I am the proud mother of the Mob Boss of the ANGRY MOB! Apparently Sunday, while I was watching football, my youngest daughter and her friends rallied together and made signs to put up around the neighborhood. I even gave them the tape to hang them up! I knew I should have asked what they needed tape for!