Question Of The Week

Question of the week: Is there a certain event (birthday, anniversary, etc.) in your life that you just can’t remember?

Yesterday evening I walked into my kitchen to start dinner. On my kitchen island stood a vase with a dozen red roses. I immediately said “Oh, Crap!” and then I heard my husband laughing . He said “You forgot again didn’t you?”

Yep, I forgot my church wedding anniversary AGAIN! I even did a post on this last year! I never remember this date for some reason. I went and wrote it down on my calendar for next. Hopefully I will not have to write another post like this again!

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Joy is celebrating her one year blogging anniversary today. So I went over to her page to wish her a Happy Blogaversary.

This of course sparked my curiousity and I wondered about when I started blogging. My blogging anniversary was yesterday, March 29th!

It look likes, as usual, I am a day late and a dollar short!

I would like to say thank you to everyone who reads this blog and also a big thanks to those of you who are brave enough to leave comments here on my little blog. Here’s to another year of blogging fun!

Donny & Marie Osmond – A Day Late and a Dollar Short


Hanoi Rocks – A Day Late A Dollar Short 

Going To The Dogs…

Ahh, wedding anniversaries. Candlelight dinner, romantic music on in the background.

Can’t you just picture it? Well SNAP out of it!

As of today my husband and I have been officially married for 10 years!

What do you plan for your 10th anniversary? Before the economic meltdown we were going to either go to Vegas or go skiing in New Mexico. Since the “Steal From Us” stimulus package didn’t do much for us, we are now going to go out to dinner and go to the dog track. I actually like the dog track so I am really looking forward to it!

The best part is that my oldest daughter’s present to us is free babysitting! I didn’t have the heart to tell her she wasn’t going to get paid in the first place, I will let her think she is being very nice to us!

So here’s to making it to 10 years of marriage! Even if we are just going to the dogs!

I Am Not A Butthead!

It has been 2 years today since I stopped being a butthead! At least physically. I am still working on the mental part!

I grew up in a house with 2 very heavy smokers. There were many times that I had to put out my mom’s cigarette after she had fallen asleep on the couch. They even had ashtrays in the bathrooms! I swore up and down as a young kid that I would never, ever smoke.

Well somehow that grand idea changed when I was 15. It was not due to peer pressure either. My friends hated me smoking and I even had one friend who would knock my cigarette out of my mouth if I smoked around her!

I started out slow. A pack of cigarettes would last me for a week. My mom didn’t find out that I smoked until I was 16.  We were living in Connecticut at the time and we were snowbound for a day. My mother was running out of cigarettes and frankly I got tired of listening to her bitch about it so I threw her a pack of my cigarettes to shut her up. Once I was out of the closet I started smoking more and more and thus began my 3 pack a day habit!

My mom had a stroke and died at 65 and my dad died of Emphysema at 66. Both death certificates state that cigarettes contributed to their deaths. It finally occurred to me almost a year after my dad passed away that I did not want my death certificate to read the same way.

I quit cold turkey! Twenty years of smoking at least a pack a day stopped in a day. I actually spent the first day sleeping. I slept for 21 hours straight! This was the easiest way not to kill anyone!

I still wake up in the morning and actually crave a cigarette and my husband still smokes so they are here if I want one. I even still like the smell of cigarette smoke! I figure we just can’t afford the $4,368 a year for me to start back up!

Man, do I wish I had the $87,360 I smoked away over the years!


*Dollar amounts are based on a 3 pack a day habit at a cost of $4.00 a pack. These figures do not include doctor visits, extra dental cleanings, or increased health and life insurance rates.    

Anniversary, What Anniversary?

Yesterday, I woke up and did my normal routine. Drank my coffee, exercised, ate breakfast, showered and then checked my e-mail. Normal day, everyone said good morning and went about their business as usual. No big deal, just another day.

Wrong!!! My husband comes over to my computer and puts a greeting card on the desk. Then he says, “You forgot today is our anniversary, didn’t you? Remember our church wedding?” My reply was “Of course I didn’t. I was going to pick up a card at lunch time and say something then.” Luckily he fell for that!

I don’t know why but I always forget our church wedding anniversary. I remember our civil wedding date, no problem. I felt like such a heel! It is usually the husband who forgets things like this not the wife!! The sad part is we have a needlepoint picture that my friend made in our bedroom which has the date on it and I dust it every week!