Back To School Speech

This weekend we had an argument in my house as to whether or not our kids should watch the President give his Back to School speech.

Both of my daughters wanted a note so they wouldn’t have to watch it. They would rather have a free period! What kid wouldn’t want that! That should be reason enough to make the kids watch it, simply because they don’t want to!

I am a Conservative Republican and I did not vote for President Obama, but he is our elected President and he deserves the respect that should be given to anyone who holds that office. I made the point that the kids should watch the speech and take part in the classroom activities and then they should form their own opinions and come home and discuss them with us. I told my oldest daughter, who will be able to vote next year, that the real danger lies in her not watching what a President has to say. Even if you don’t like what the other side has to say you still need to listen to it so you can see what is going on.

My husband did not like the fact that the kids would be made to watch it. He views it as President Obama trying to brainwash our children. I told him they were not being made to watch it, that we had the option of writing them a note to opt out of it or we could just keep them home from school for the day. I of course told my husband that if he chose to keep the kids home for the day he would be the one to watch them not me!

Needless to say both of my daughters went to school today and both of them will be watching President Obama make his Back to School speech.