The Biggest Decisions In Life…At Least For A 4th Grader

Last week I took my youngest daughter to go school supply shopping. She goes to a Catholic School so we don’t have to worry about shopping for school clothes for her, everybody wears the same uniform. We got all her supplies in one stop which is a miracle in it’s own! I swear they always find one item that is no where on the planet to find!

The two biggest decisions that my little one had to make were picking out her backpack and her lunch box.

The backpack decision went very well. I told her it had to be a rolling backpack under $20 and other than that it was pretty much up to her what design she wanted. She picked this out:

Rolling Backpack - Blue

Sweet, simple and to the point! She did shock me because pink is her favorite color and she picked this blue one over the pink one they had. You never know with kids!

The lunch box decision took entirely too long to make! Apparently what lunch box you pick out is very important at her school. We looked at Hannah Montana boxes, nope “that is soo 3rd grade!” We looked at Camp Rock/Jonas Brothers boxes, nope “I don’t know is anyone else likes them!” We looked at good old solid color boxes, nope “it has to have something on it.” Finally she found one she liked, a High School Musical box.

Zip-Off Compartment -  Global Design Concepts - Toys"R"Us

It has a bottom pouch which is very important because “Mom, I have to have a place to put my afternoon snacks we get to bring in 4th grade!”

I never knew there was so much pressure on 4th graders! Again, I am very lucky that she goes to a school that has uniforms!