A Good Little Sailor

Last week my husband, my youngest daughter and I went out fishing on our boat for the day. My oldest daughter claimed she was sick so we let her stay home.

I was not having much luck at catching any keepers. At one point my husband had two keepers in the box and I had zip, Nada, nothing. It was hot and I was getting down right pissed off! My sailor’s mouth was starting to kick in!

My husband hooked another fish and when he started reeling it in I mouthed off, “I suppose you want me to get the damn net again!”

Out of nowhere my youngest daughter, who had been chilling out listening to her music and playing with the live shrimp for most of the day, chimed in with, “Damn it! He got another one! What the hell kind of fish is it this time?”

My husband and I looked at each other and just cracked up!

I guess we are raising a good little sailor! 

Tales From The Sea

Last Friday, my husband and I decided to say the hell with everything and we took our boat out on the bay. Yes, it was cold and yes, it was windy! Despite the weather we managed to bring home 4 trout for dinner.

While we were fishing in one of our regular spots another boater appeared. This guy was in a boat similar to the one above except it had a small motor on it. His fishing partner for the day was his trusty dog.

This guy dropped his anchor and started fishing, no big deal. About 15 minutes later he decides to pull up his anchor to leave. Now we have a big deal, his anchor is stuck! He turns on his motor and tries to move, but remember the anchor is stuck! He turns off the motor and goes back up to the front of the boat. The dog is standing there looking down at the anchor and then looking at his owner. The guy turns to his dog and says: “You know this is all your fault!”

He struggled with the anchor for about 10 more minutes with no luck at all. He decided to untie the anchor from the boat. He tied a life vest onto the rope so it would mark the spot. He then turned to his dog and said: “I sure hope you can swim!”

Man, I’ve Been Busy!

I have been on the go for a while now it seems! It is all good stuff don’t get me wrong. I always think that when the kids go back to school I will get to slow down a little. As usual I am wrong!

My youngest daughter goes to a Catholic School so in order to volunteer they require that you take a class and have a background check done. This year I have finally decided to bite the bullet and go do it. I went and took the class last Thursday night and my background check should come back within a month. Hopefully it will come back all squeaky clean! Just to note: I am a goody two shoes and I have not even had a parking ticket in my lifetime, knock on wood! I thought it was funny because the lady who taught the class used to be one of our High School Spanish teachers. I of course went up and talked to her. She was best friends with my French teacher so I got to find out a lot about her. I thought it was really funny when we had to fill out a survey about the class and we had to put the lady’s name down I put down Mrs. ____ I just couldn’t bring myself to put down her first name! 

Last Friday my husband and I took our boat out for the day. It is great to be able to drop the kids off at school and dart on down to take the boat out.


This is our boat sitting in the drive-way of the guy we bought it from last November.

Last Friday we had quite an adventure on the boat. We saw a dolphin, I had a blast catching Mackerel and we even managed to catch 2 Ribbon Fish. Man are they evil looking!

This is one of the Ribbon Fish we caught.

Here is a another picture of what a Ribbon Fish looks like…see evil looking!

 Sunday we took the boat out again but this time we took the kids with us. The weather has been great here in Texas, very low humidity and temperatures only in the lower 90’s. I caught more mackerel but this time I let both of my daughters reel them in. They only like to fish when the fish are biting! After we got done fishing we went “Cruising” around a place called The Kemah Boardwalk. The girls think they are hot stuff when we go through there.

This week it looks like we will be keeping an eye on Hurricane Ike. I hope we can keep up our good luck and it will go someplace else. I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

To top off my weekend my youngest daughter told me this: “Mom, I just noticed your boobs are finally bigger than your stomach!” Man you gotta love kids!