School Conference Day

Today my youngest daughter had the day off from school, kinda, sorta. She had a school conference day. You have to bring your child up to the school for a 15 minute conference and pick up the report card.

As usual we got there on time and had to wait for 15 minutes. They always end up running behind schedule. We were waiting in the hall along with 3 other families. Being that my daughter goes to a private school, the classes are very small and we have all known each other since the kids were 4.

One of the little boys was sitting in the hall and was writing sentences. One of the dad’s asked him what he did to have to write so many sentences. The little boy said, “I was talking about people farting and burping and Mrs. So and So heard me.” He had to write I Will Not Talk About Bodily Functions on the front and back of a piece of paper.

I couldn’t help it, but I started cracking up in the hall. Then the other parents started laughing too. Mrs. So and So finally had to open her door and tell us to be quiet. One of the parents grabbed a piece of paper and handed it to me and told me to copy her sentence both front and back on the paper. It said: I Will Not Laugh At Kids Who Have To Write Sentences For Talking About Bodily Functions!

I think I have until tomorrow to turn it in!