It’s All My Fault

Yesterday it finally happened, my oldest daughter broke up with her boyfriend, Baby Huey. They have been dating for 6 months, which to them is a lifetime. Keep in mind that by the time I actually publish this post things will probably change and they might be back together.

My dear daughter has been in a bit of trouble around our house lately. She has not done anything really bad but she just can’t comprehend that if you keep breaking the rules you keep getting punished. Two weeks ago I ended up telling her that she could not go to her homecoming dance which is this weekend. For some strange reason she thought I would change my mind on this punishment and did not tell Baby Huey about not going. I guess Baby Huey found out from my daughter’s friend that my daughter was not going to the dance. He thinks that my daughter is making it all up about being grounded so they are now “taking a break.”

These are some of the comments that my dear sweet 16 year old made to me last night:

  • “You could fix everything if you just let me go to the dance.”  (My response: “You would be going to the dance if you hadn’t gotten in trouble!”)
  • You never did like him” (My response: Nothing, I really don’t like the boy. He is too much of a suck up.)
  •  “You got your wish. We didn’t make it to Homecoming, just like you predicted!” (My response: “What can I say I’m good! I told you I know everything.”)
  • “It’s all your fault!” (My response: “You can blame me if you want but I was not the one dating Baby Huey, you were.”)

I can’t wait until she has to put up with me going through Menopause!