What’s Up Doc?

I got my lab results back from my yearly check-up last week. I must admit it that I really impressed myself!

All my blood results came back in the normal range. Last year my triglycerides were 600. They should be below 150. This year they are 84! Last year they could not figure out my cholesterol because my triglycerides were so bad. This year my total cholesterol is 140. Less than 200 is normal for cholesterol. With my cholesterol being better and also with me not drinking any more my really bad liver corrected itself as well.

So it looks like all the exercising and eating better has paid off. I have lost 60 pounds in one year as well! Just to note I did not take any drugs to improve any of my numbers! So here I am tooting my own horn! Toot, Toot!! 🙂