Just Another Day In Church

On Sunday we went to church like we always do. In an effort to keep my girls from bugging each other in church we sit like this in the pew: Youngest daughter, Me, Oldest daughter, husband. My husband and my oldest daughter have decided that my youngest daughter and myself are going to have to be separated from each other from now on.

My youngest daughter and I now have a running joke about Little Baby Jesus. Well we had another episode this time at church. We went to communion and came back and we were kneeling and being quiet for a change. My youngest daughter whispers to me: “The Communion tasted stale.” Before I could even stop to think these words came flying out of my mouth back at her: “Well at least you can tell it wasn’t the Little Baby Jesus Communion!” We both started laughing and luckily we were able to hold it in! My husband and my oldest daughter just looked at us and shook their heads!

So now we must be separated! I just don’t understand why!

Easter Mass

This past Easter Sunday we went to church up at my in-laws church. Due to all the CEOs , Christmas and Easter Only people, and the fact that we only got there 15 minutes early, we ended up standing in the back the entire mass.

During part of the mass they did a baptism renewal and the priest came around and blessed us with Holy Water. When the priest walked by us and sprinkled us with Holy Water I turned to my oldest daughter and said “Let me know if it starts to burn?” Apparently the priest heard me and without missing a beat he turned to us and said, “Actually, it would be better if you let me know!”

They just can’t take me anywhere, not even to church!

Did You Hear The One About The Priest?

My oldest daughter has found a boy she is interested in dating. She has known this boy since the 4th grade, they went to the same Catholic elementary school. They lost touch with each other after 5th grade and they are now making their church confirmation together.

My daughter got off the phone with him the other night and she was laughing so hard she was close to pissing in her pants! I of course asked her what was so funny and she said:

“I just asked out a priest on a date!”

Apparently this boy, who is a junior in a Catholic high school, has decided to be a priest. He has visited a seminary and decided that that is his calling

I told my daughter that she should ask our priest if this is something worthy of confession!

This phone call will of course result in years of family teasing for my daughter!

I Saw The Sign

Yesterday, I told my youngest daughter that I did not feel like going to church this Friday, she gave me a pass and said it didn’t matter to her. She sings in the choir, so I usually go to mass when her school does.

 I told my husband yesterday that I was going job hunting today and I was not coming home unless I had one. I was even prepared to go back into fast-food restaurant work if I absolutely had to.

This morning I got up and changed my mind about going to church. I don’t know why I just did. I got dressed and off we went to school and to church.

After church, I drove down the same street I do everyday, twice a day. This time down driving down the road I  saw a sign for a job. I wrote down the phone number and pulled into a parking lot and gave them a call. They said come on in and fill out an application.

Not wanting to seem desperate, I went and got a cup of coffee and then headed back over to the company that I had called. I filled out an application and I got an interview right then and there.

The interview went great and I hope to hear from them this afternoon. She made the comment that she really wanted to cancel her other interviews.

It’s a good thing I decided to go to church this morning because the person I interviewed with said that they just put the sign out this morning. They must have put it out while I was at mass because it was not there when I drove passed  them this morning!

I will keep my fingers crossed and prayers going up to the big man!