It’s Never To Early To Start Couponing

It is amazing the things I end up talking about with my oldest daughter. Actually, it should scare the hell out of me but for some reason it doesn’t.

My daughter has a friend who happens to be a boy. They are just friends, which according to my husband is not possible! You can’t be “just friends” with a member of the opposite sex. This kid is always at my house and I am always taking him places with us. I treat him just like I do my own kids, poor thing! 

Ok, back on track… this boy had a girl call him a few weeks ago and told him he was the father of her 8 month old daughter. To make a long story short he found out he is not the father but he had the crap scared out of him!

I had a serious Safe Sex talk with him and my oldest daughter as well. I strongly urged both of them to practice abstinence. Hey a mother can dream! Since my little talk, I keep making little comments like this, “Don’t be silly, protect your Willie” loud enough for him to hear when he calls my daughter.

This past Sunday when I was clipping out my coupons from the newspaper I found this coupon:

I asked my oldest daughter if she wanted me to clip it out for him. She couldn’t stop laughing! She called him immediately and told him about the coupon. While she was on the the phone with him I of course just had to make another one of my famous remarks for him to hear! I told him to “Clip it or Zip it!”