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Oh, Crap!



It looks like Crap is going around and the worse part is it’s Honest Crap! Joy, JavaJunkee and JavaQueen all have this Crap!

Well here’s my Crap:

  1. “Jack of all trades and master of none” should be on my tombstone! I can do a little bit of everything but nothing good enough to make money at!
  2. When I die, I want to be cremated and have my ashes released at the beach.
  3. When roasting marshmallows I like to catch mine on fire and watch them burn.
  4. I use my kids as an excuse to act like a kid myself.
  5. I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do when I grow up!
  6. I like to lay in the grass and look at the cloud shapes.
  7. I have never eaten at a Sonic, Burger King or a Jack in the Box restaurant.
  8. I used to eat paste in school.
  9. I am allergic to marijuana. 
  10. I like to take walks in the rain.


If you want this crap go ahead and take it! Just take the award and post it on your blog with 10 honest and random things about you.