Question Of The Week

Question of the week: Do you have any funny sayings that you use instead of swearing?

Last Friday I took my youngest daughter and her friend to the movies. My daughter’s friend banged her knee on the car door and this flew out of her mouth: Sugar Honey Iced Tea! After I found out that she was alright I asked her what she said. My daughter of course piped in and proudly said: Sugar Honey Iced Tea! and then she told me it stood for that word that rhymes with IT. Yep, these cute little Catholic school girls have their own little code for S-H-I-T… Sugar Honey Iced Tea!

A Good Little Sailor

Last week my husband, my youngest daughter and I went out fishing on our boat for the day. My oldest daughter claimed she was sick so we let her stay home.

I was not having much luck at catching any keepers. At one point my husband had two keepers in the box and I had zip, Nada, nothing. It was hot and I was getting down right pissed off! My sailor’s mouth was starting to kick in!

My husband hooked another fish and when he started reeling it in I mouthed off, “I suppose you want me to get the damn net again!”

Out of nowhere my youngest daughter, who had been chilling out listening to her music and playing with the live shrimp for most of the day, chimed in with, “Damn it! He got another one! What the hell kind of fish is it this time?”

My husband and I looked at each other and just cracked up!

I guess we are raising a good little sailor!