Question Of The Week (Formerly Known As Poll Of The Week)

With this being an election year and the Democratic National Convention going on this week I want to know: Do you talk to your kids about politics?

When I was a kid my parents never talked about politics much. I couldn’t tell you if they were Democrat, Republican, or Independent. As a matter of fact I couldn’t even tell you if they voted!

I, on the other hand, have always loved politics. I can remember being five years old and telling my dad everything he ever wanted to know about then Presidential nominee Jimmy Carter. As I got older I remember in junior high we had a mock election for the Reagan/Mondale election. We had to make a poster for the “election.” This is the poster I made:

Political Poster by you.

My kids hear about politics all the time. I am a Conservative Republican but I tell my kids that they need to listen to both sides of the fence and make up their own opinion on issues. If they agree with me, great, the more the merrier. If they disagree with me, cool, I have someone to debate with!