Things I Learned From Edouard…

Luckily for us Tropical Storm Edouard was not much of a show for us. We got some much needed rain and just a little wind. But I have learned a lot from Edouard.

The main thing I have learned, or should I say been reminded of, is that some people are just plain stupid! You do not stock up on milk, yogurt, ice cream when you have a chance of power outages! You do not buy bags of ice until the power is actually out. I actually had neighbors put their trash out last night for trash pick-up this morning. Duh!

My favorite thing is watching the media cover major storms. One news station was telling people to stock up on canned meat and they were showing a picture of a can of cat food! Yum! This morning when they found out what a non-event Edouard was they got really funny! They went in search of trouble and as one reporter stated were on the look out for “Ponding” on the roads. What the hell is “Ponding?” Here in Houston our roads flood with a normal afternoon thunderstorm, but just what is ponding on the road? Another reporter was commenting on how some leaves were blocking a sewer drain and I swear it looked like he actually placed the leaves there on purpose!

The last thing I learned from Edouard is that the City of Houston hires Non-Essential Employees. The City of Houston stated yesterday that Non-Essential Employees should stay home today. How is that supposed to make you feel when you find out that you are a Non-Essential Employee? Then comes my next question, why is the City of Houston paying for Non-Essential Employees?

Hurricane “Party” Time

Just yesterday we were out on our boat in Galveston Bay. We thought it was funny that one of the lakes on the bay had it’s flood gate closed. We thought they did it for low tide or something. Boy are we stupid! They closed the flood gate, so we found out late last night, because Tropical Storm Edouard will be making landfall Tuesday morning! It might even turn into a hurricane.

So today I went and topped off my gas tank, went to the store and bought the essentials and came home and cleaned all the tubs so we can fill them up tonight. This afternoon we will have the fun of moving everything off the patio and throwing it in the garage in the 100 degree heat of course! I have even told our elderly neighbor a few doors down that we will be more than happy to come help her with her crap stuff as well.

I went to the store nice and early this morning as to avoid the panic. I love to see what people stock up on for storms. I grabbed my normal water bottles, batteries, toilet paper, canned meat and a few junk food items for the kids. I saw one lady buy 4 gallons of milk and a bunch of yogurt. Boy is that going to taste good once the power has been out for a few days!

I have been through my share of hurricanes here but my kids have been lucky and really don’t know what they are in for. During Hurricane Rita we went to my in-laws and stayed up all night with the booze flowing and the karaoke machine going. That is what they think of when we say a hurricane is coming. We will sit this storm out in our own house. I have already told the kids they will be camping out downstairs tonight. They think that is awesome! Yeah it’s party time! We will see what they think of it come tomorrow morning! We will see if they still think it’s party time!