Poll Of The Week

When I was growing up we had dinner as a family every night. If you were not home by 6 pm you had better be in the hospital! Even after my parents divorced my mom always had dinner on the table at 6 and I was expected to be sitting there eating it.

I have continued this tradition in my home and we have dinner as a family every night of the week. As a matter of fact before I got married I told my now husband that this was not even an area for compromise. Dinner at 6pm or you better be on your death bed!

So am I a rare breed in this day and age? How many times a week do you guys have dinner as a family? I am not even talking about homecooked food, even if you eat out do you at least do it as a family or is it a to each his own?

Nosey people like me want to know!

Poll: How many times a week do you sit down to eat dinner as a family?