Life’s Little Lessons

I survived! I spent 3 days at the beach with family and I survived! Nobody bled to death, burned, drowned or killed each other! What a great vacation success!

Most of our time was spent either at the beach or at the pool the condo had. I still don’t understand why people go to the beach and end up swimming in a pool all day. Some things in life just don’t make sense to me and that is one of them!

My favorite time was of course at the beach. I could have stayed there forever!

Galveston Beach

I learned a valuable life lesson at the beach: Kids really do listen to what you tell them. I was walking on the beach just ahead of my two daughters when I heard this conversation take place between the two of them:

  • Daughter #2 (who is almost 1o years old): “Why is there white foam in the ocean?”
  • Daughter #1 (who is almost 17 years old), with a very serious look on her face: “That’s Mermaid shampoo!”
  • Daughter #2: “Yeah right! Why does Seaweed always wash up on shore?”
  • Daughter #1: “Everyone knows that’s from when the Mermaids work in their gardens. They pull all of the weeds out of their gardens and let them wash up on shore. Why do you think they call it Seaweed?!”
  • Daughter #2 whining: “Mom, is she telling me the truth?”
  • Me, aka Mom: “Now why would your sister lie to you? Of course it’s true!”
  • Daughter #1: “Just make sure you don’t ask why the water is brown!”

It looks like the student has learned well from the teacher!