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House Rules


Questions of the week: Will you be watching the Super Bowl game? Which team are you pulling for? Do you watch the Super Bowl for the game itself, the commercials or the half time show?

Weekends Are Wonderful!

I love the weekends. We do not use the weekends for chores at my house. Chores are done during the week. Homework is also not allowed on the weekend unless it is a major assignment. Weekends at my house are for chilling out and having fun.

This weekend was awesome! Saturday we hung around the house and did absolutely nothing. My youngest daughter even stayed in her PJ’s all day long.

Sunday, we of course went to church. Afterwards, we dropped my oldest daughter off at her friends house and my husband, my youngest daughter and I headed off to a local park.

With the threat of rain we had the park all to ourselves! We brought my youngest daughter’s bike with us which she rode around all over the place. We brought a bunch of golf balls and a few clubs for us to fiddle around with. My husband plays golf, but I do not. I occasionally hit plastic balls in the backyard but that is it. I actually hit the real golf balls very well! I impressed myself and even took a tip from my youngest daughter which helped me!

We did that for about 3 hours until we got soaked. We picked up my oldest daughter and headed home. When we got home it stopped raining so we played a game of tag football in the backyard. I took my youngest daughter because I know she can run! We beat the oldest daughter and husband by 2 touchdowns!

Due to the football game we decided to eat early. We grilled some steaks and had some baked potatoes for dinner. After dinner we placed our bets on the game and hunkered down on the couches!

This is my favorite commercial from the game:

Now, it’s Monday and I can’t wait until next weekend!

Question Of The Week

Questions of the week: Are you going to watch the Super Bowl? If so are you watching it for the football game or for the half-time show and the commercials? Who do you want to win it, the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Arizona Cardinals?

Personally I like watching football, especially the Super Bowl. Even though my team didn’t make it, I will still watch it. Better luck next year Cowgirls Cowboys!

I will be watching the half-time show for certain! We are big Springsteen fans here, so I can’t wait for him to perform. I also love watching the commercials. We usually tape/dvr the game so we don’t miss the commercials.

I will be rooting for the Cardinals this year so of course the Steelers will probably win!