Broken In Sweatshirt

We had a very nice Thanksgiving this year. We spent Thanksgiving Day my husband’s family. Oh who am I kidding, we pretty much spent the entire weekend with them! My husband took off for the weekend to go deer hunting and I spent Friday and Saturday with my in-laws!

This past Thanksgiving Holiday I found myself reflecting on the past year and I have come to the conclusion that I am getting older. Not OLD like my 10-year-old likes to call me, but older like a broken in sweatshirt that fits just right!

Here are a few things that happened or I did this past weekend that really opened my eyes to this new broken in sweatshirt stage of my life:

  • Thanksgiving Day I sat down and watched the Macy’s Parade all by myself. I like it so I watched it! And… I told anyone that came into the room trying to change the channel to get the hell out!
  • Friday morning my mother-in-law, my two sister-in-laws and I went antique shopping. I had blast! I didn’t buy anything but I did take these pictures:

I had the same Fisher-Price Little People sets when I was a little kid! They were my favorite toys! The antique shop wanted $50 per toy set! As for the coffee cup, I drank my very first milk-sugar-coffee from a cup just like that! They wanted $8 a cup for them! It’s a good thing I didn’t have any cash on me!

  • I left both of my girls alone with my brother-in-law and 3 of my nephews while I went out shopping. Did I mention I left them out in the country with lots of 4-wheelers and a dirt bike at their fingertips! Also the brother-in-law in question acts like he is one of the kids! They all survived and so did I! Although as the days keep going on I am hearing stories from my girls that involve not wearing helmets, dirt bikes and wrecks into parked cars!
  • Saturday when we finally made it back home I watched a movie that I wanted to watch. It was not a kids movie and it didn’t have guns or cars in it! 
  • I started reading a book this weekend! Me with a book! I have not read a book for enjoyment in probably 15 years! I actually like reading for fun!
  • Did I mention I went antique shopping!

To Dye Or Not To Dye…

I am a brunette who is making the climb up the Hill of Life. Oh, alright I will be 38 in January! I started getting a few gray hairs back in my early 20’s. No big deal I just pulled them out. Then came the day in my late 20’s when the gray hairs decided to gang up on me! If I were to pull them out then I would have to start shopping for a wig!

Now that I am approaching the final steps up the Hill of Life I am starting to wonder if I should start to dye my hair. The gray hairs are not all bunched together on my head but are spread out randomly so it looks like I have silver highlights. Both of my girls think I should get my hair dyed and my husband, trying to stay out of trouble, doesn’t care one way or the other.

I don’t have a problem with my hair going gray to be honest. I feel like I have earned them, I think it is a sign of wisdom, it is my rite of passage into my 40’s. Or is it just time for me to shut up and dye?!