I Saw The Sign

Yesterday, I told my youngest daughter that I did not feel like going to church this Friday, she gave me a pass and said it didn’t matter to her. She sings in the choir, so I usually go to mass when her school does.

 I told my husband yesterday that I was going job hunting today and I was not coming home unless I had one. I was even prepared to go back into fast-food restaurant work if I absolutely had to.

This morning I got up and changed my mind about going to church. I don’t know why I just did. I got dressed and off we went to school and to church.

After church, I drove down the same street I do everyday, twice a day. This time down driving down the road I  saw a sign for a job. I wrote down the phone number and pulled into a parking lot and gave them a call. They said come on in and fill out an application.

Not wanting to seem desperate, I went and got a cup of coffee and then headed back over to the company that I had called. I filled out an application and I got an interview right then and there.

The interview went great and I hope to hear from them this afternoon. She made the comment that she really wanted to cancel her other interviews.

It’s a good thing I decided to go to church this morning because the person I interviewed with said that they just put the sign out this morning. They must have put it out while I was at mass because it was not there when I drove passed  them this morning!

I will keep my fingers crossed and prayers going up to the big man!

Two Scoops of Ice Cream Please

For the past few weeks I have been wondering why I have such a positive look on life. I know, strange thing to be wondering about, but hey that’s me!

My husband is just the opposite of me and is pessimistic to the point where it is actually starting to get on my nerves really bad. He has other issues right now that I think are not helping in this matter, but that is for a different post!

I came to the conclusion on my morning bike ride that being optimistic is really a matter of having faith. In my opinion there is a God and he does have a plan. Yes, bad things in life are going to happen that is a fact. I think it is how you deal with those things that really matter. Sometimes you just have to have a little faith, trust, whatever you want to call it.

About a year ago I came across a web page from a woman with whom I knew as a child. We were in Girl Scouts together. Julie was a year younger than me and I don’t think I ever saw her without a smile on her face. When I came across her web page she was 34 years old, married with 3 young kids and had Stage 4 Melanoma. She still had a smile on her face through it all. She knew her family would be taken care of and that when her body finally quit she would go to meet God.

She motivated me to get my shit together to put it simply. I just wish she could have known that before she passed away last November. Somehow I think she knows. Thanks a bunch Jules!

I quit smoking almost a year and a half ago and I knew it was not going to be easy. I was smoking 3 packs a day! I went through major withdrawals, I actually slept for 21 hours during day 2. But I kept thinking that at least I would be living a little bit longer for my kids.

My doctor than decided to scare the crap out of me and tell me my liver tests came back and they looked bad, real bad. I knew what the problem was, I drank to much. Easy solution for me, just stop drinking! Believe it or not I asked the big man for a little help. Done! I have been sober for 9 months.

I started to exercise to lose the 80 pounds I had put on over the years. Not drinking really helped this. Then I put the family on a eating better program. Well, I have lost 60 pounds in a year and only have 20 more to go!

I lost my job of 20 years because the owners finally decided to retire. I am lucky enough, I don’t have to work. So now I am getting to be more of a part of my kids life, whether they like it or not!

So to put all this rambling to an end, I will continue to look at the world as half full insted of half empty. Actually, I think I will look at the world as having 2 scoops of ice cream instead of 1!

In My World…

I have a strange mind, but hey it’s my strange mind. I have always had this strange little thought that hey, maybe we are not real. Maybe we are just little dolls living in a huge dollhouse and God is just playing with us. It’s just a thought, something to make you go hmmm?!

What is really funny about this is my youngest daughter has the same warped mind as I do and she finds my dollhouse thing funny. My oldest daughter on the other hand finds this whole little scenario disturbing and is actually scared of it.

Not really thinking about this little story I bought a dollhouse kit for the 3 of us to put together as a summer project. My youngest one keeps telling me, of course when her sister is listening, “I can’t wait to build God’s new house? Do you think he will give us nice new neighbors!” Of course I tell her to stop teasing her sister, on my way to the bathroom so I can laugh by myself!

The Garden Of Eden

I think God must be a golfer. How else do you explain the beauty of Augusta National and the traditions of The Masters. I was very fortunate to attend the Masters back in 2000. What made it even more special was that we attended on Wednesday which is the last practice day and the day that the players get to play the Par 3 tournament. The minute I walked out and saw the Par 3 Course I stood back and tried to catch my breath. I had just walked out into the Garden Of Eden. That is the only way I can explain the beauty of this nine hole par 3 course. It was such a treat to be able to watch the Par 3 Tournament on TV yesterday. My girls loved watching the kids help their Dads play golf. Hopefully one day I will be able to make a return visit to the Garden Of Eden. 



This morning while driving my morning school bus route my youngest daughter started asking me a whole bunch of questions which is typically normal for her. She asked me what WWJD stood for? I told her it stood for What Would Jesus Do? and that if you ever needed to know if you were doing something wrong you should ask yourself this question. Then she pops up and says it should be WWMD. I, of course, ask her what does that mean and she replies What Would Mom Do?. Then she goes on to explain that Jesus and God will always forgive you but if you do something wrong Mom will ground you!