Grocery Shopping Is Not A Man’s Job!

I went to the grocery store Sunday and I was all happy because neither of my girls wanted to come with me! I could get in and get out without having to fight with anyone and not having my bill go up $50 with kid junk!

I guess I have not been grocery shopping on a Sunday in awhile. I am pretty sure I will not go again on a Sunday for quite some time! I swear every wife in the Houston area was punishing her husband by making them go grocery shopping with them last Sunday. You could tell that the poor guys did not want to be there by their sad looking faces that they hung low while pushing the baskets around the store.

You could also tell that other than the beer aisle they had no clue where anything was. One woman told her husband to go get a loaf of bread and then meet her in the frozen aisle. She left and he just stood there. I told him the bread was to his left and the frozen food was at the opposite end of the store. He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. I must have been talking to him in a foreign language! He finally smiled and said thanks and took off.

Because I had to dodge poor pathetic husbands, my grocery shopping actually took 30 minutes longer than it should have. I think I prefer shopping with the Senior Citizens on Wednesday. At least they smile and let you pass them!

So much for my child-free day of grocery shopping!