Mother Vs. Teen Daughter

In school I learned all about conflict, you know, Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Society, Man vs. Himself. What I didn’t learn about in school was the most important conflict of all: Mother vs. Teen Daughter!

My oldest daughter and I have reached a point where we can walk into the same room and look at each other and just want to kill each other! I am not sure if it is a clash of raging hormones or just a stage in life that is normal.

Last week I was told:

  • “Your rules suck!”  My reply: “Well then don’t inhale!”
  • “When I have kids I am going to let them do whatever they want!” My reply: “Well don’t count on me baby sitting for ya!”
  • “I never have any money to do anything!” My reply: “I have just one little word for you JOB!”

The thing I hate the most that she does lately is when you tell her something she always has to say something back! Example: I say “Put the dishes away.” to which she replies “Why do you have to run the dishwasher every single day?!”

My new policy is: “Unless I ask you a question do not make a comment when I tell you something!”


I never thought I would ever say this in my entire life but, Thank Goodness It’s Monday!

This past weekend had me going crazy! I had to taxi around 2 kids to several different events at over lapping times of course! My youngest daughter was in her school’s drama production of The Wizard of Oz. They performed it for 3 nights! If I hear “We’re off the see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz” one more time I am going to have a total break down!

My oldest daughter had a journalism competition over the weekend and then decided it would be fun to volunteer at our church this weekend! She is getting very close to me teaching her how to drive! Life is getting to the point where it would be so much easier if she could drive!

On top of all this my in-laws came down Saturday and spent the night. I am lucky I get along great with them but it is still very stressful having people stay overnight!

So: T.G.I.M!