T Is For Too Much Turkey!

As usual I ate way too much this Thanksgiving! I wasn’t as bad as my mother-in-law though, she piled her plate with so many side dishes that she had no room for turkey on her plate!

We had 5 kids and 8 adults this Thanksgiving. One of my nephews finally made it to the adult table. During our blessings I welcomed him to the big table and my mother-in-law said that he had sat here last year. I looked at my nephew and he looked at me and we both started to laugh. He was not even there last year for Thanksgiving because he had to work! I told her that’s what happens when the wine bottles start flowing.

Overall we had a very nice Thanksgiving. The kids all got along and so did the adults come to think of it.

My in-laws did mention that this would be the last year that they would be having Thanksgiving at their house. They can’t seem to put up with the noise level or the energy of the kids any more! At least this year nothing was broken!