Question Of The Week

Question of the week: Do you do anything special for Memorial Day Weekend?

In my house, Sunday of Memorial weekend is spent inside watching the Indianapolis 500. To us it is bigger than the Super Bowl!

Memorial weekend is also the first time our neighborhood pool opens for the summer so we always end up at the pool at some point of the weekend.

Summer, Now You See It…Now You Don’t!

We spent this weekend on a mini summer vacation. We drove from Houston up to Dallas to go see an IRL race. The girls were great and did not fight the entire trip. Before the race started Robbie Knievel jumped 21 Hummers on his motorcycle. We had an awesome time and the girls even got to see the winner of the race, Scott Dixon. He shook their hands as well! My youngest of course stated that she would never wash her hand again.

We came home to find a message on our phone stating that our oldest daughter’s summer was officially over! She will be spending half of her summer retaking World History. Being a Freshman in high school she couldn’t figure out that not turning in assignments and not studying for tests meant that you were not going to pass. So, she will be spending 3 weeks in summer school and her bank account will be missing $150 that our great school district charges for each class. Yes, we are mean parents and we made her pay for it since she was the one who failed the class. Hopefully she will learn her lesson from it!

Memorial Weekend – The Unofficial Start of Summer

I love Memorial weekend! Our neighborhood pool opened on Saturday. We spent Saturday & Monday at the pool. The 8 year old spent her time remembering how to swim and meeting a bunch of new friends. The 15 year old spent her time drooling over the new life guards on duty this year. I spent my time trying to hide my flabby self under my towel.

Sunday was spent watching the Indy 500 of course. We love the IRL racing series at my house. The Indy 500 is like our Super Bowl of the year! The 8 year old took home the money this race. Yes, we even bet on the races. I know we are a sad bunch and I am probably teaching my kids really bad habits!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Memorial weekend.