The Birds

My oldest daughter and I were outside the other day and looked up into a tree where there was a momma bird sitting on a limb with her baby. The momma bird was slapping the baby bird around with her wing.

My daughter said, “That is soo mean! Why would she be doing that to her little baby?” 

That’s when the comments came flying out of my mouth!

  • “Maybe the baby bird was tweeting back at his momma.”
  • “Maybe the baby bird was hanging out at that Bird Bath on Jaybird Street!”
  • “Maybe the baby bird was eating illegal bird seed, you know the kind that makes you want to do loop-de-loops instead of flying right!”

I was cracking up and my daughter was just staring at me. My daughter heard my next door neighbor laughing in her backyard so she looked over the fence and yelled “Please don’t encourage her!”