The Language Of Kids

I have come to notice that kids have their own language. You see when I say something it pretty much means what comes out of my mouth. If I tell them to take out the garbage it means Take Out The Garbage! 

This morning I was in the kitchen making lunches and my oldest daughter came in and asked me, “Do you need any help?” I turned and laughed at her and said, “It’s not going to get you to school any earlier if you help me out!” She couldn’t figure out how I knew what she really meant. She hates it when I can understand her language! 

Here are some other examples: 

  • “Mom, do you need any help cooking dinner”  really means I have a TV show that starts at 7 can you hurry up?
  • “Mom, do you need to go to the store today?” really means I am out of chewing gum can you get me some?
  • “Mom, can you help me with my book report?” really means I waited until the last-minute to do this. Can you do it for me?
  • “Mom, are you going anywhere today?” really means Can you take me to the mall?

I am also fluent in mumble!