Pink, It’s The New White

It all started on Saturday. I was doing my last, of many loads of laundry when my stupid washing machine decided to leak water all over the floor. I quickly got some of our beach towels and sopped up the mess. After the mess was cleaned up I threw the towels into the washing machine and figured I would wash them the next time I needed to do laundry.

Well yesterday was the next day that I had laundry to do. Now mind you, I do not believe in sorting laundry. I think it is a waste of my time and just makes the water bill higher. I threw in the laundry from my bedroom along with the beach towels from Saturdays fiasco. I watched the washing machine wash the entire load of laundry because I just knew it was going to leak again. Nope, no leaks. The floor was dry. Yay, I was in the clear.

Wrong! I opened the lid to the washing machine and started to put the clothes in the dryer. It all came to a screeching halt when I pulled out my husbands underwear which were now pink! You guessed it the cheap, red, beach towel that I bought last year bled all over the clothes. But it only bled onto the white stuff. I had other light colored stuff in there but it discriminated against them, I guess.

I quickly, before anyone else saw, put the pink undergarments and socks back into the washer and grabbed the bleach bottle, knowing that must be the cure for pink underwear! When the wash was done I let out an “Oh Shit!” to which my 8 year old daughter of course had to investigate. She started laughing at her daddy’s pink underwear. I told her it would be fine and that Daddy’s underwear would be white again.

I had already come up with a plan to run to the store and buy new underwear for my hubby and he would never know of the pink underwear problem. I would use the new pink undergarments for rags. The only problem with my plan was that I forgot to inform my little investigative reporter! She of course had to run and tell her daddy of his newly colored underwear!

Great, I’m busted. This will be one of those days that comes back to haunt me at the next family gathering! But, on the bright side or should I say the pink side,  I am now a firm believer in at least sorting towels and clothes separately!