5 Things About Me…Like It Or Not!

OK, I was tagged by BetMe and because she owns a gun and is apparently very good at shooting this gun so I will play along!

Five Things Found In My Purse:

1: A pack of Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes that has this written on the outside: “February 9, 2007 I smoked my last cigarette. Only 1 missing from this pack.” Just to note, this was not my usual flavor of cigarette, I smoked regular flavored cigs. I figured if it tasted really nasty I would no longer want to smoke. So far it has worked.

2. A Bottle of Pamprin. With a 15 year old daughter this is a must carry!

3. A Wallet with no money in it. With having 2 kids cash no longer makes it into my wallet.

4. Crayons This is for my 8 year old who can not sit in a restaurant without coloring.

5. Voter Registration Card. At least I know where it is when I go to vote!

Five Things In My Bedroom:

1. A Wooden Cross that my 8 year old made out of some boards from our fence.

2. My TV. Of course the kids use it more than I do.

3. Dance Mat that is hooked up to the kids, I mean my, TV.

4. Old Nintendo 64 Game console. I bought this for myself, I mean my oldest daughter when she was 3. It still works, the kids still play with it so why upgrade?

5. Two cute wooden eggs dressed up like a Bride & Groom that my aunt gave to me as a wedding present. She used to call me Egghead when I was a child because I was Humpty Dumpty one year for Halloween.

Five Things You Are Currently Into:

1. Boating – We recently purchased a 17 foot center console Bay boat.

2. Fishing – Because we bought the boat I now enjoy fishing.

3. Cooking – Since I have started eating healthier I have found that I love to cook.

4. Riding bikes – I really enjoy my daily bike ride that I take. It is my 30 minutes a day when I have no kids or husband, just me, myself & I. I really need to work on getting me & I to get along though!

5. Reading – Having been unemployed in the real world for the past year I have discovered that I like to read again. It must have been 15 years since I read a book because I actually wanted to read it not because I needed to find out what was going to happen to me because I was pregnant!

Five Things You Have Always Wanted To Do:

1. Travel to Ireland

2. Grow plants – The only thing green I can grow is the mold in my fridge!

3. Buy a beach house

4. Go to College

5. Scuba Dive

Tag You’re It:

If you feel like doing this go for it! If ya don’t then don’t! 🙂