Just Another Day In Church

On Sunday we went to church like we always do. In an effort to keep my girls from bugging each other in church we sit like this in the pew: Youngest daughter, Me, Oldest daughter, husband. My husband and my oldest daughter have decided that my youngest daughter and myself are going to have to be separated from each other from now on.

My youngest daughter and I now have a running joke about Little Baby Jesus. Well we had another episode this time at church. We went to communion and came back and we were kneeling and being quiet for a change. My youngest daughter whispers to me: “The Communion tasted stale.” Before I could even stop to think these words came flying out of my mouth back at her: “Well at least you can tell it wasn’t the Little Baby Jesus Communion!” We both started laughing and luckily we were able to hold it in! My husband and my oldest daughter just looked at us and shook their heads!

So now we must be separated! I just don’t understand why!