Rant Post

This is a rant. You’ve been warned.

Last week I made a decision to not go grocery shopping until I have used all the food in my pantry and in my freezer. Once everything was gone I was planning on eating only non-processed foods. This way I would be eating healthier and hopefully lose the weight I need to get rid of. Well it seems somebody higher up has decided to speed up this process for me. Today I opened my last fast acting insulin pen and when I tried to refill the prescription I was told the insurance company would not refill it for another month. Now I get to make my insulin last an extra 3 weeks. So I am now on a no carbohydrate program for the next few weeks. That’s one way to speed up my weight loss.

Diabetic Cool Feelings

Many, many moons ago I did a Cool Feelings post and i think it’s time for another. You know it’s a Cool Feeling when:

  • You can’t leave work because you blood sugar is too low for you to drive.
  • You are in a public restaurant restroom stall trying to inject some insulin when a teenaged girl pushes on your door and it opens. I overheard her tell her mom that she accidentally walked in on a lady shooting up. I burst out laughing!
  • You hear an older lady behind you at the pharmacy complaining about her $20 prescription and when she sees your total she says, “Holy shit! Sorry I was complaining!”

Do You Know Where That Finger Has Been?

Tonight my youngest and I went out to dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse. They have the most amazing rolls. Warm, dripping with butter, with a hint of honey, I’ve died and gone to heaven rolls. Pre-diabetes I could eat 3 or 4 of these amazing things. Now I limit myself to one. Don’t be sad for me, I’m happy to be able to eat one without any problems.
Sorry, the warm dripping butter side tracked me. So tonight we went to Logan’s for dinner. Normally I order my food and then go do my diabetic thing in the restroom. Tonight they brought out the bread early so I went ahead and ate my one, warm, butter dripping, hint of honey, I’ve died and gone to heaven roll. Then I ordered and went off to do my thing. My reading was 379! Oh, Hell no!
Now mind you, before I left work an hour and a half before dinner I was at 112. There was no freaking way I was at 379! It dawned on me that the hand I tested was the hand I ate that warm, butter dripping, hint of honey, I’ve died and gone to heaven roll. Instead of taking the directed amount of insulin per my sliding scale, I decided to retest myself. On the other hand! Which I made sure to alcohol scrub extra well. The reading was 161.
So from now on before I test I will be asking myself a very important question. Do you know where that finger has been?