Welcome Back Chris

Last week my youngest daughter made a plea to Santa to bring Chris the Mouse back to our house. She set up her Elf Bed, put out popcorn, cookies and crackers, because “that’s what Chris likes to eat,” and wrote a nice letter to Santa! She couldn’t wait until morning. This was almost as big as Christmas Eve!



The next morning she flew downstairs to see if Chris had arrived. The look on her face was great when she saw Chris. All morning long she talked about all the things that she and Chris were going to do. My older daughter came into the kitchen and said, “Mom, wasn’t I her age when I found out about Santa? I think I was! She is getting worse instead of better!” I told her if she didn’t watch out Chris wasn’t going to leave her anything except little mouse droppings!

My daughter took Chris to school with her the first day she had him. He stayed in her locker box all day. My daughter swears that he cleaned her and her friend’s locker out. I swear I did not go up to her school! Pinky promise!

Chris spent his first night with us sleeping in his little Elf Bed. At least that’s where my youngest daughter put him to bed! When she woke up the next morning she found Chris sitting at a picnic table with 2 candy bars in front of it. He was even nice enough to leave one for the non-believing older sister!

The next night my daughter once again put him to sleep in his bed and once again he didn’t stay there! I am starting to think he has something against sleeping in his special Elf Bed because we found him sleeping in the Doll House!

The following night my daughter decided that Chris needed to sleep with her. He apparently woke up during the night and left some little miniature chocolate bars on the stairs. My youngest daughter was nice and shared them with her sister. I told the Non-Believer to “be careful of the chocolates because he might have made them himself!”

Hopefully Chris will start to sleep a little more at night next week but I am not going to hold my breath!

Christmas Elves

My youngest daughter came home from school today and built a little bed out of a cardboard box, placed crackers, popcorn, and a bowl of water next to it and wrote a letter to Santa asking for an Elf to come visit her.

I for one have never heard of the Magic Elf and I am going to kill a few parents that started this at my daughter’s school! Apparently, this Elf comes between Thanksgiving and Christmas once his work at the North Pole is complete. During the night he runs around your house and the next day you are supposed to find him. For more info check out Magic Elf Christmas Traditions.

I decided since my daughter went to all the trouble of making a bed for this Elf that I would try to play along. I went on a trek this afternoon to try and find an Elf. Well guess what? When you try to find something that you really need you can’t find it! I instead found a cute little Christmas Mouse that hangs out in Santa’s Toy Workshop. He is Chris the Christmas Mouse and he better work!