Question Of The Week

Question of the Week: Should people be dependant on the government after a natural disaster? (I hope I worded that right!)

I live south of Houston and we were in the direct path of Ike. I am very fortunate not to have lost anything and we are pretty much back to normal in my neighborhood. They are not back to normal in the subdivision right in front of us.

I keep hearing a lot of people saying that the government is not working fast enough. I watched the weather and figured out for myself that we were not looking very good the Monday before it hit us. I went to the store and stocked up on food that was non-perishable. Sorry I did not stock my freezer or my fridge. I bought enough water to last us for a week. I filled our tubs up with water before the storm. We filled up our cars with gas. Knowing that we live in a hurricane area we bought a generator years ago when we had some extra money. Am I wrong in thinking that you should take care of yourself just a little bit?

I know there are people that have no homes and even if they did prepare it was all for nothing. Those people need help. I am talking about the people complaining that there is not enough ice to save the food in their fridges and freezers.

Also I would like to know, since all we see here right now is local news, is how are we looking to the rest of the country?