New Moon

My girls love the Twilight series. My oldest daughter read the entire series. I told my youngest daughter that she had to read the book in order to see the movie. But that went by the wayside real fast once her older sister got the Twilight DVD! My youngest is just like me she hates to read! We have found that if we read a book out loud to each other it’s not that bad. It’s actually fun!

OK, sorry, I went off subject a little there! Back to Twilight! This morning I found out our DirectTV has an interactive Twilight channel for this week. It shows trailers for the New Moon movie and has a couple of little games to play. I told both of my girls about this morning when I woke them up. You would have thought I woke them up on Christmas morning! They were dressed and downstairs in 10 minutes flat!

Both of my girls want to go see the New Moon movie this weekend. They are both freaking out because they think the movie will sell out and they won’t be able to go see it this weekend. My youngest daughter is also freaking out because she wants to go see the movie with just her big sister, NO MOMS ALLOWED! This will be a first for her to go see a movie with just her sister.

Well I was nice and bought them the tickets online for this Saturday and I have no intentions on going to see it with them! I am debating on whether to tell them this information this afternoon or to milk it for a few days! I can’t keep secrets like this so I will probably bust by dinnertime!