Oh, Crap…

After all these year I finally figured out why the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak was so mean: He must have had kids!


This was the conversation I had with my 16 year old daughter this morning on the way to school:

Daughter: “Oh crap!”
Me: “What do you mean by Oh crap!”  (nothing good ever comes after this phrase!)
Daughter: “I forgot to tell you that I need some stuff for our FFA meeting tonight.”
Me (in my ‘what the hell do you need now’ voice): “Just tell me what you need and I will see what I can do.”
Daughter: “I have to bring 10 pies and 3 spray cans of whipped cream.”
Me (in my ‘I am so going to kill you’ voice): “You need what!”
Daughter: “We are having a pie eating contest at the meeting and I am in charge of bringing some of them.”

I so wanted to kill her this morning! But, just like the good little mother that I am, I am in the process of baking 5 apple pies and 5 cherry pies. Thank god for Sara Lee!