The Day After Easter

Now that Easter has come and gone I bet you are wondering what the good old Easter Bunny is up to aren’t you? Well, the Easter Bunny, also known as Peter Cottontail, is hard at work back in Bunny Town. Peter is in charge of a billion dollar company named Eggcetera, that designs colored Easter eggs and a fine line of Easter candy.


Hoppy works in the egg dying room at Eggcetera. He is head engineer of dye mixing. He has been Bunny of the Month several times and his work has always been eggcellent. Peter was even going to promote him to Senior Vice President in charge of Color until the dreaded Day After Easter came.


Peter received a ton of phone calls the day after Easter complaining about the Easter eggs that he had delivered around the world. Apparently, not only were the outside of the Easter eggs colored but the inside of the eggs were as well! Peter had to issue a worldwide recall on all of the eggs and he set-up a special task force to find out what went wrong.


The task force spent weeks trying to find out what went wrong in the egg dying room. The task force thought it would be a good idea to have everyone that worked in the egg dying room tested for drug use.


Hoppy arrived to work and he was very nervous when he heard about the mandatory drug test that was to happen that day. He knew there was no way he would pass! Hoppy had been using Happy Bunny Meth ever since they went to “All Natural” dye in the egg dying room.


Knowing that he was going to have to be tested, Hoppy went to his locker and grabbed his lunch. In his lunch he had a pickle and he always packed his pickles in pickle juice! Instead of peeing in the cup he would put the pickle juice in it and nobody would ever know that he was using Happy Bunny Meth. Hoppy put the bag of pickle juice in his pocket and was ready to be called in for his test.


Hoppy thought he had come up with a fail proof plan, that was until he was given the cup and told to go pee in it! When he went into the pee room he noticed that his pants had a huge wet mark on them. Yep, the pickle juice had leaked all down his leg! With no pickle juice to put in the cup, he had to pee!


Upon learning that Hoppy had failed his drug test due to using Happy Bunny Meth, Peter had no choice but to fire him. They never did learn who caused the great egg recall but Eggcetera now has a drug testing policy in place for all employees.


Hoppy is still addicted to Happy Bunny Meth and you can find him on the streets yelling, “Why did my pickle juice have to leak?!”



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