Back To School Speech

This weekend we had an argument in my house as to whether or not our kids should watch the President give his Back to School speech.

Both of my daughters wanted a note so they wouldn’t have to watch it. They would rather have a free period! What kid wouldn’t want that! That should be reason enough to make the kids watch it, simply because they don’t want to!

I am a Conservative Republican and I did not vote for President Obama, but he is our elected President and he deserves the respect that should be given to anyone who holds that office. I made the point that the kids should watch the speech and take part in the classroom activities and then they should form their own opinions and come home and discuss them with us. I told my oldest daughter, who will be able to vote next year, that the real danger lies in her not watching what a President has to say. Even if you don’t like what the other side has to say you still need to listen to it so you can see what is going on.

My husband did not like the fact that the kids would be made to watch it. He views it as President Obama trying to brainwash our children. I told him they were not being made to watch it, that we had the option of writing them a note to opt out of it or we could just keep them home from school for the day. I of course told my husband that if he chose to keep the kids home for the day he would be the one to watch them not me!

Needless to say both of my daughters went to school today and both of them will be watching President Obama make his Back to School speech.

And It Trickles Down…

The other night my 17 year old daughter and I were playing a card game in the living room and half listening to the nightly news on the TV. They had a story on about President Obama’s education plan. They basically were talking about giving schools government funding based on merit.

Here in Texas we have the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS test that the kids have to take at certain grade levels. If they don’t pass it they don’t graduate. Since they have started this testing many years ago that is all they teach. They teach the kids how to pass this test instead of giving them the education they need to pass it. The schools are given money based on the scores the students receive.

My daughter asked me what Obama’s education plan meant for her and I told her for her it would mean more of the same. They were going to put more pressure on the student’s to pass these standardized tests instead of actually teaching them.

My 17 year old daughter’s response to this was, “How stupid is he? Now he is starting to piss off the younger generation! Not a smart move by him especially since I get to vote next time!”

She amazes me some times! Just when I think she never listens to me she comes up with something like this!

My Fellow Americans…

Next week we will be saying goodbye to President George W. Bush and we will be swearing in our 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

I admit I am actually one of those strange people who likes a good election. I am a very conservative republican. Needless to say my team lost this go around.

I have heard a lot of negative responses about our new President. Frankly I am sick and tired of hearing them and I hope I do not have to listen to 4 years of it.

Right now our economy sucks and our troops are still fighting a war. I honestly believe President Bush did his job to the best of his ability. Good or bad we are where we are.

I truly hope President Obama can fix a few things while he is in the White House and that our economy will bounce back. He will be in my prayers as was President Bush.

My father-in-law put my feelings into words perfectly a couple of weeks ago. He said: “When I was growing up you had your election and when election night was over you had a new President. If your team lost you said “oh well, maybe next time”, and then you went back to being Americans.”

I think it is time for us all, as Americans, to welcome our new President into the White House and to keep him and his family in our prayers.

I would like to add the following:
Thank you President Bush for all your years of service to our Great Nation and President Obama, I wish you well while you start yours. 


Question Of The Week (Formerly Known As Poll Of The Week)

With this being an election year and the Democratic National Convention going on this week I want to know: Do you talk to your kids about politics?

When I was a kid my parents never talked about politics much. I couldn’t tell you if they were Democrat, Republican, or Independent. As a matter of fact I couldn’t even tell you if they voted!

I, on the other hand, have always loved politics. I can remember being five years old and telling my dad everything he ever wanted to know about then Presidential nominee Jimmy Carter. As I got older I remember in junior high we had a mock election for the Reagan/Mondale election. We had to make a poster for the “election.” This is the poster I made:

Political Poster by you.

My kids hear about politics all the time. I am a Conservative Republican but I tell my kids that they need to listen to both sides of the fence and make up their own opinion on issues. If they agree with me, great, the more the merrier. If they disagree with me, cool, I have someone to debate with!

Poll of the Week

I am going to try something a little new here. I am going to post a weekly poll here on my site. Some may be serious and some may be light-hearted. Please feel free to comment on any of the polls if you want to or just leave some feedback.

So here is my first poll. I figured I would start it off on a serious note if you can call politics serious! I actually love talking politics, I just don’t do it here very often.

 Poll: Who will be our next president?

The Dinner Table Discussions

My family has this strange tradition called eating dinner together. Yes, I know, it is a bizarre unheard of thing these days. We all sit down at the same table, at the same time and eat a home-cooked dinner made by me, not Colonel Sanders. Believe it or not we even talk to each other at this strange tradition called dinner.

Last night we started talking about politics. To this topic my 8 year slumps down in her chair and my 15 year old tries to avoid any eye contact with her father. Then the dreaded happened, my husband turns to our 15 year old, high school freshman, daughter and asks her what she thinks will happen to our country after the elections this year. I could tell by the look on her face she had no clue what he was asking her, so I made a joke stating that unless Miley Cyrus was going to be named President these kids really didn’t care. At least I got a laugh out of my 8 year old daughter who was still slumped down in her chair! Luckily, somehow this saved my older daughter and my husband ended the topic with a “That is what is wrong with our country these days” remark. What I should have said was, “When you were a freshman in high school did you stop selling drugs and listening to KISS long enough to care about  what would happen to our country after an election?” Now that would have lead to a real funny discussion that I’m sure the girls would have loved to got in on!