Question Of The Week

Question of the week: Do you host Thanksgiving dinner or do you go to someone elses house for Thanksgiving dinner?

I have had to host Thanksgiving dinner only twice. I really don’t mind cooking the Thanksgiving meal in fact I actually enjoyed doing it. We usually go to my mother-in-laws for Thanksgiving. We usually have 14 of us all together and most of us end up spending the night.

Question Of The Week

Question of the week: At what age did you or your children find out that there is no Santa Claus?

I think I was 5 or 6 when my older brother by 3 years broke the news to me. He took me into my mom and dad’s closet where they stashed all the gifts. They were all wrapped and he unwrapped them and then wrapped them back up. This became our little tradition for years!

My oldest daughter was in the 4th grade when she admitted to us that she knew there was no Santa. She never told me what age she was when she figured it out. I told her if she ever told her little sister she would really know there was no Santa because she would have no gifts! So far my youngest who is now in the 4th grade has not admitted to me that there is no Santa but my motherly instinct is telling me she knows the truth.

Poll Of The Week

When I was growing up we had dinner as a family every night. If you were not home by 6 pm you had better be in the hospital! Even after my parents divorced my mom always had dinner on the table at 6 and I was expected to be sitting there eating it.

I have continued this tradition in my home and we have dinner as a family every night of the week. As a matter of fact before I got married I told my now husband that this was not even an area for compromise. Dinner at 6pm or you better be on your death bed!

So am I a rare breed in this day and age? How many times a week do you guys have dinner as a family? I am not even talking about homecooked food, even if you eat out do you at least do it as a family or is it a to each his own?

Nosey people like me want to know!

Poll: How many times a week do you sit down to eat dinner as a family?

Poll Of The Week

The Olympics started last Friday just in case you have been hiding out in a cave or something. My oldest daughter and I are watching it very closely. We especially like watching gymnastics and volleyball. My youngest daughter and my husband can’t stand watching it. My youngest daughter is not very big on sports and my husband can’t stand the fact that the Olympics are being held in China.

Poll: Are you watching the Olympics?

Poll Of The Week

The other day I spilled some salt on the table and being a creature of habit I took a pinch of the salt and tossed it over my left shoulder. My youngest daughter of course asked me why I did that. I told her because if not I would have bad luck according to what my mom told me. I also went without salt for 2 weeks when we moved into our new house because it is bad luck to bring salt with you when you move, somebody has to give it to you as a gift. My aunt was kind enough to bring me some salt when she finally made her way to visit us.

So I want to know:

Poll: Do you believe in superstitions or “Old Wives Tales”?

I also would love to hear what other “Old Wives Tales” or superstitions you have heard of or believe in!

Poll of the Week

With the beginning of the school year fast approaching I will be out in the next few weeks doing what I hate most in life, shopping for school clothes! My youngest daughter goes to a private catholic school and has to wear a uniform thank goodness, no arguments there! My oldest daughter however attends a public high school and they have no uniforms. We always end up fighting over the clothing budget as well as my dress code!

 Poll: How much do you spend on back to school clothes per kid?

Poll of the Week

I am going to try something a little new here. I am going to post a weekly poll here on my site. Some may be serious and some may be light-hearted. Please feel free to comment on any of the polls if you want to or just leave some feedback.

So here is my first poll. I figured I would start it off on a serious note if you can call politics serious! I actually love talking politics, I just don’t do it here very often.

 Poll: Who will be our next president?